La terrazza del Pincio

In Rome on the Colle del Pincio, in Villa Borghese there is a magnificent lookout that attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. The beautiful terrace is called Terrazza del Pincio. This wonderful terrace is located right above Piazza del Popolo and is today the most visited public park in the capital.

Piazza del Popolo from Terrazza del Pincio

Walking The Pincio promenade, located between Piazza del Popolo, Villa Medici and the Muro Torto, with a direct connection to Villa Borghese through Via delle Magnolie, gives you such a great feeling. Walking along Via delle Magnolie, you will find yourself in front of a beautiful fountain.

In ancient times the Pincio hill was also a place dedicated to burials. It was here that the ashes of the emperor Nero were preserved. Today, the Pincio is a complex of avenues and gardens immersed in the nature of Rome. If you need a place to relax and breathe a bit of nature, this is the right place in a big and chaotic metropolis like Rome.

The Pincio promenade was built on the homonymous hill, which was already the site of gardens in Roman times. Originally, the Pincio was called “Colle dei Giardini“; later the Gens Pinciana came to live there, from which its modern name comes from. On this hill a large imperial palace, the Pinciano, was built in the fifth century. A.D. .

The walk was built on the hill between 1810 and 1908. In 1814 the Napoleonic empire dissolved but the works of the Pincio, already begun according to the project of the French architect Berthault and continued under the restored papal government and were directed by Valadier.

Fontana di Mose’ salvato dalle acque – Moses rescued from the water

The fountain is located in line with the viewpoint of the piazzale and consists of a large circular basin with a marble female statue in the center, «swamped in a long tunic that falls into elegant and composed folds», bent over the water in the act of collect the wicker basket containing a child. The group, which depicts the legend of little Moses rescued from the water by Pharaoh’s daughter, is placed on a cliff on which three jets are located. In the large pool, rich in lake vegetation reminiscent of the distant Nile, ivy and, of course, papyrus stand out. The statue has the right hand mutilated by four fingers. According to some, the work was carried out by the sculptor Francesco Massimiliano Laboureur, of French origin but born in Rome (1767-1831), according to others by Count Ascanio di Brazza. The marble group was however inserted in 1868 within the pre-existing basin.

Walking towards the Terrazza del Pincio

From this point, you can already see on the horizon the magnificent Dome of the Vatican. Doing the walk at sunset is something very difficult to express. Seeing all of the colors of nature and city lights blended together gives your soul an amazing and breathtaking feeling.

At sunset, the sky is colored and the atmosphere is truly unique and unmissable. The view of the eternal city is spectacular. There are many ways to get to the Pincio terrace. You can go up from Piazza del Popolo or from the park of Villa Borghese. Quite simply, follow the flow of many tourists (and even Romans) and you will arrive on one of the most breathtaking terraces that exist.

in love

Everywhere you go, you leave a piece of you there and take a new one. Ciao belle and belli!


Crochet, what a passion!

I love crocheting, it makes my world a lot better and funnier!

I know many people like crocheting, for me it’s simply AWESOME.

My last creation: a fine handmade crocheted Shoulder Cover.

There are many reasons why I love this fine art. One of which is the fact that from a simple piece of thread I am able to create actually anything I want. Second reason is the possibility of using all the colors I love. Let’s say, I was thinking I need a pink sweater, there I go, I make it!

The other reason for loving crochet is that it makes me feel a MATHEMATICIAN! I’m not kidding, it feels so good when you count the chains and simple crochets and many many other stitches and you find out you were right. ‘Cause the only option after realizing you were wrong is break up everything and start over. That’s a terrible feeling, I know!

I love crocheting because it makes me feel relaxed. But most of all, crocheting makes me really happy!

Do you like my creation? Soon I will show you many other of my crocheted creations.

What kind of passions do you have? Share them with me, I would be thrilled to hearing from you.

New York City – do you love it?

New York city, a place everybody would love to go to. Every day you meet lots of people in this megalopolis, many faces that run in an insane vortex called life.

In New York you can find yourself surrounded by buildings, lights, and traffic! But you will also find Romantic spots which give you a little rest from the chaotic flow in this city.

What I love the most are the flowers that start to come out as soon as “Spring springs“. They give colors that artificial lights could never emanate! What is also fascinating is the fact that you can sit and enjoy all this in any park of this amazing place. Tables and seats are obviously free!!

Herald Square in New York City

I love New York city in this period of the year. What do you think?

Four Brilliant Days Forty

Quattro brillianti giorni quaranta

This is a popular proverb in southern Italy on the 4th of April being a rainy day.
Naples April 4th 2019

If it rains the 4th of April, it will likely rain for the following 40 days.

This is an old popular saying, and it is really fascinating talking to old and wise people who believe that if there is bad weather on April 4th then there will be more than a month of bad Spring.

Our friend Alfonso Vincenzo Mauro suggested that “Brillante” (brilliant) is a folksy misinterpretation of the Italian “aprilante” (April-y). Which makes sense, because why 4 brilliant days would lead to forty rainy ones? Why don’t we say: “Rainy day on April fourth, forty more of rain calls forth!“.

This saying is somehow dated 1884 when the first four days of April were called the brilliant four. It is all about these days. If it rains, it will rain for forty days, if there is sun it will be a sunny and warm Spring. Obviously, science has totally denied this belief, but it is established that April is an unpredictable month.

On the other hand, there is another popular belief which states “Quando tuona d’Aprile buon segno per il barile”: “When it thunders in April, it is a good sign for the barrel”. For the amazing peasant world, a rainy April means obtaining an abundant harvest.

Here in New York today is sunny but cold!

How is the weather on the 4th of April wherever you are in the world?

Apple – Lemonade

Welcome all.

This is my blog. I am an Italian girl who loves traveling the world. I come from one of the most beautiful places on earth: the Amalfi Coast. I’ve been on the road as a traveler for years, and now I am sharing everything I explored and will explore on this magnificent planet.

My dream is visiting New Zealand, Thailand, and Japan. What are your dreamy places? Share everything about your experiences!!!

Love and sun to all. Continue reading “Apple – Lemonade”